I am a late 20s medical school applicant who has worked and volunteered within the NHS and other care organisations for just over two years.

My original background was in the arts, more specifically Graphic Design. I worked within this industry for around 5 years after graduating from university and slowly came to the realisation that it wasn’t for me.

After lots of thought, reflection, and exploration I came to the conclusion that a career in medicine would be my ideal career path. The variety and challenges that medicine offers as a career is very stimulating and rewarding. The role also requires someone of a caring and compassionate nature, something I believe I am. Finally, a career in medicine is one of constant learning and teaching which is something I enjoy and have a natural flair for.

Currently I am a HCA at a large teaching hospital in the UK, working on a busy Emergency Unit that works closely with the Emergency Department. Emergency Medicine seems to appeal me to most strongly due to its varied and unpredictable nature, there is never a dull moment! My aspiration is to become a Consultant within the Emergency Department.